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Program Flexiblity

Students attending Scalia Law School may pursue full- or part-time study. Unlike many other law schools, the full-time and part-time programs stand on equal footing and if your personal situation changes, you may switch between programs.

*Part-time students average 10 or 11 credit hours each semester, generally taking 4 years to complete their JD.
*Evening classes are typically scheduled between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
*Faculty and career and academic services members hold both day and evening office hours.
*Both full-time and part-time students are eligible for and participate in clinics, law review, moot court, and other student-run activities.


Hi, I'm Genevieve Kelly. I'm a trial attorney at the Department of Justice. When I first got to George Mason I knew that because I was starting a family my first semester there-- we were expecting our first child-- I knew that I needed certain flexibility in my career. I took great comfort in George Mason's Career Services office because they were constantly helping, constantly e-mailing us, asking what could they do, who could they introduce us to.

My name is Paula Fleckenstein. I live right outside of Reston, Virginia. I have two daughters in college and did not want to quit my job completely, so I applied to the part-time program at Scalia Law. And they made it really flexible for me to continue my job for three years and come to school in the part-time program. Once I did find out that I will have employment after law school, I did actually resign from my job and became a full-time student. And that was very easy, too.

Hi, my name is Mike Galgano. I'm from Woodridge, Virginia. Scalia Law has a very flexible opportunity in which you can switch from a full-time to the part-time program.

When I started here, I was a full-time daytime student. And as I conducted myself in multiple internships and externships I was able to get enough credits to where I could switch over to the part-time program. And this really helped fuel my career, because now as a third-year student I'm able to stay on as a law clerk throughout the year. This allowed me to really increase the face time at the office, something that I was eager to do to really start my career.