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Exceptional Location

Experiential Learning

Scalia Law School boasts a diverse range of externships, clinics, and other hands-on learning opportunities outside of the classroom, including:

*7 unique clinical opportunities including the U.S. Supreme Court Clinic, the Military Veterans & Servicemembers Clinic, and the Law & Mental Clinic.
*Externships are available on Capitol Hill and throughout Northern Virginia, including in Judge’s Chambers, Public Defenders offices, the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, and many more.


Hi, I'm Katie Smithgall. I'm originally from Bozeman, Montana.

As a student we spend a lot of time in class. And so it's been really cool to get experiences outside the classroom. It's been awesome to participate in a wide range. For example, I worked at the Federal Trade Commission for a summer and then stayed on to do an externship over that semester. Seeing how it's actually applied in the real world, how anti-trust attorneys were working through tough issues, and then discussing that in class and reading the cases that gave rise to those. That was a great experience.

Journal has taught me how to write academic papers. And it's taught me valuable leadership skills.

Core, I've learned how to get comfortable speaking in front of a panel of judges and debating with them and discussing current legal issues.

And then my Supreme Court clinic has given me the chance to actually write with a team of other students, an amicus brief for the Supreme Court.

And so I'm graduating with writing skills, leadership skills, oral arguments skills, all that are necessary to be a successful lawyer. Not only have I learned a lot in class, but I've also actually applied that learning already. And so, I've already been able to start sharpening those tools to succeed in a law firm, or any government agency or whatever I decide to do.