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Exceptional Location

Exceptional Faculty

Scalia Law School employs 120 full-time and adjunct faculty members drawn from some of the top law firms and legal institutions in the nation. Our professors have worked in the White House, led federal agencies, argued before the Supreme Court, and served as ambassadors to our most important allies and trading partners.

*Ranked #2 in total downloads per author according to Social Science Research Network among law schools
*Ranked #21 in scholarly impact according to Social Science Research Network among law schools
*Faculty Mentors – 1Ls are assigned to law school faculty and attend regular meetings to provide insights and tips on succeeding in law school


The professors here at the Scalia Law School are world class. And I don't say that as an exaggeration. I say that very earnestly. It's not uncommon to go home after a day of classes, turn on the TV, and see the professor you were talking to three hours ago on CNN.

They're recognized leading experts. The 12:1 student to faculty ratio is a tremendous benefit. They know you as a student. They know your interests. They know your passions. They know where you want to go with your law degree.

Professor Wright put on his own career fair a few weeks ago where he brought in 12 or 15 of the biggest firms in the world to interview, specifically, students who were enrolled in his antitrust class. And those sort of resources are rare. But we have them here.

The group that we've assembled in antitrust alone, a former assistant attorney general of the Antitrust Division of the United States. Chief IP counsel for the Federal Trade Commission. Economists who have worked at both agencies. Tim Muris, who is a former chairman of the FTC. Myself, who is a former commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission. Professor Zywicki, who ran the policy and planning unit at the Federal Trade Commission, as did Professor Cooper.

Our law and economics faculty, I think, stands head and shoulders above the economics group just about anywhere in the country. And it's a really special part of this place.