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Exceptional Location

Make a Difference

Our goal at Mason Law is to have students who will receive an outstanding legal education (Learn), be taught to critically evaluate prevailing orthodoxy and pursue new ideas (Challenge), and, ultimately, be well prepared to distinguish themselves in their chosen fields (Lead).

You will find Scalia Law School has four fundamental pillars that will benefit you:

• Scalia Law resides in an exceptional location for student opportunities;
• Scalia Law offers an exceptional community for students, alumni, faculty, and staff;
• Scalia Law provides exceptional career support services; and
• Scalia Law is home to an exceptional market-oriented faculty.

As you see, we use the word “exceptional.” This is intentional. Our goal is to deliver superior customer service and results to you.


I can't believe that I'm graduating, you know. It's just been an amazing journey.

The sense of accomplishment is really something I've never quite experienced.

It was just a great opportunity to be here, to be in the DC area.


It certainly wasn't easy to do, but they gave me the tools that I needed to find success.

I think the greatest strength at Mason really is the professors and the tiny classes. I had so many classes where there were six or fewer of us.

I knew where to go or where to ask help. I never felt I was alone.

My wife and I came out to Washington DC, specifically because of the reputation George Mason had.

Amazing professors, and also, for the Global Antitrust Institute at George Mason. And it's been a really great experience for me. I learned a lot.

The reason that I was able to get into this kind of work was because I was placed through a program with Mason, so that already set me up for success.


Mason Law was the perfect bridge from undergrad to the professional world. Now I feel a lot more confident.


Mason Law really set myself and my family up for tremendous success in the future.

From the people you meet, to people you're going to know for the rest of your life.

Looking forward to, sort of, working in the new field at computer security. This is a really exciting time to get into that area.

One piece of advice I would give to incoming students is, to definitely come in with a positive attitude.

There's a lot that you can do with a law degree.

I do recommend Mason Law.

Mason Law has absolutely transformed my life.