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Exceptional Location

Leadership & Professional Development

The Career and Academic Services office sponsors a number of programs that teach effective study skills and are geared toward easing the transition into law school. 

Throughout the first year, students progress through our Professionalism and Leadership Development Program. This program brings in leaders from bench, bar, and business to provide training on oral communication skills, law firm economics, time management, ethics, and more.

Scalia Law’s location, culture, and programs produce more than just job-ready graduates. We produce leaders. We will work with you to find the right schedule, courses, career tools, and networking leads so that you can become a leader in your chosen field.


I have found that Scalia Law School's Leadership and Professional Development programming is both comprehensive and also personal. The staff work really well with students on an individual basis to tailor their professional development to their aspirations, while also providing great connections to network in the DC area with both alum from the school and also other practitioners in the field.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is teaching our law students how to interact and communicate with the media. In today's legal world, a successful lawyer has to know how to deal with television, with radio. We've just launched a Diversity and Inclusion program. We're moving into a global economy, dealing with people of different cultures and different backgrounds. What we're trying to do is help our students have a diverse set of professional skills.

We have a certificate program in National Security Studies. I believe we have one in Intellectual Property. And then I know that we have a couple of different LL.M programs, which are also a great addition to a JD.

We are minutes from the most important city in the most important country in the world. The networking is unbelievable. We have judges who teach here, we have Supreme Court former clerks who are here, we have members and former members of Congress who come here-- all designed to allow for a practical legal education to give our students an advantage in the marketplace.